~Enhancing the quality of life for people of Mercer County, Ohio, by cultivating, managing and disbursing charitable resources.~
What does the Civic Foundation Do?

Community foundations have worked for many years to establish permanently endowed funds for the benefit of their local communities.

As 501(c)(3) organizations, they collect public money for all types of projects and programs.   Foundations also make grants to qualifying local organizations that work to meet the needs of community residents.

  • Provides information and support for the non-profit community in Mercer County
  • Offers flexible, tax-advantaged giving arrangments for donors
  • Encourages local giving for the improvement of the Mercer County Area
  • Answers questions and provides information for donors about giving opportunities.  Our services include assessing the best use of your charitable dollars, as well as handling all administrative details of the gift fund
  • For more information, ask for our Donor Information Folder - It's Free
Board of Directors
(standing L-R)
Jim Dippold, St. Henry
Thomas Lammers, Celina
David Pax, Celina
President Mauri Cron, Coldwater
David Kaiser, St. Henry
(seated L-R)
Deb Gibson, Rockford
Barbara Hamilton, Mendon
V. President Jane Stuckman, Celina
Diana Bertke, Maria Stein
Carol A. Hone, Executive Director
Evelyn Vian, Office Administrator


119 W Fulton  P.O. Box 439  Celina, OH 45822
419-586-9950  mccf@bright.net
Mercer County Civic Foundation 2015